Meet Alex

Welcome to a world of magnetic marketing, innovative illustrations and creative content. Alexandra E. Gulkin is a life-long writer and celebrated digital marketing guru, having first made her mark on the scene with unprecedented success in the jewelry industry.

With game-changing tactics and ground breaking methods to build brand value, foster loyalty and establish a positive community presence, Alex’s creation of the Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog was awarded as an industry top 5 in her first year as a Social Media Director.

Following grand accomplishments in luxury and estate jewelry industries, Miss Gulkin has experienced digital marketing notoriety for her accomplishments while working with agencies, technology providers and independent retailers in Semiconductor, Technology, Eco-Friendly Products, Art, Music and Entertainment sectors.

In 2018, Alexandra launched a content strategy to support the new product of MobileHelp, leading manufacturer, product and service provider of medical alert technology. She developed a pre-publicizing and affiliate influencer connection strategy to best publicize the product reveal and soft product launch.

A record breaking engagement Live Facebook Event helped greatly to build buzz for MobileHelp Smart, powered by Samsung. Connecting with medical alert experts and influencers to utilize cross promotion and tactical network building has lead to significant network growth, engagement and a solidified socially responsible brand image.

Step into Alexandra’s flourishing ecosystem of creative compositions, press releases, media kits and award-winning brand blogs, where the soil is rich in social media savvy, covered in fresh sproutings of SEO, SEM and SMO and strengthened with die-hard digital marketing methods.

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